can you give me some simple project ideas and how to do it for ancient egypt?

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you could explain that they have made movies and documentaries and have found evidence of how they lived and what they did. also if you watch the house of Anubis TV series and movie you will find lots of stuff abut ancient Egypt


In the project on Ancient Egypt you can make a model of a pyramid (3D) , and on that pyramid, cut some pieces of papers, according to the size of the pyramid and your written material, and cut the paper in different designs, collect some information about the ancient culture of Egyptians, their clothes, about the Pharaohs, and much more, and then after writing the information on these pieces of paper, paste them on the pyramid If you writing about the clothes, then cut the paper in the shape of a shirt and then write about clothes worn by the people of that time, and then paste the paper on the pyramis. You can paste the Pyramid on a large cardboard sheet and pain the remaining cardboard with a color that matches the color of sand. You can also give 3D effect to sand. Paste some more notes on sand and your project will look awesome! Hope that idea helps!!! Because, my imagination is not too good....

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