(c) For what value of the domain(-3,-1,0,2,5) does f(x)= g(x) (-3,-1,0,2,5) ?

(1) Answers

info from question so we have f(x)=3x-4 and g(x)=x(2)-2 the x(2) should mean 2 times x or 2x, but if it means x^2 then g(x)=x^2-2 solution set is represented by S={solutions} so to see what values make them equal, we set them equal to each other if x(2)=2x then go to AAAAAAAAAA if x(2)=x^2 then go to BBBBBBBBBBBBB AAAAAAAAAAAA 3x-4=2x-2 subtract 2x from boths ides x-4=-2 add 4 to both sides x=2 therefor the number that would satisfy the thingumy is the value of  2 so S={2} BBBBBBBBBB 3x-4=x^2-2 subtract (3x-4) from both sides 0=x^2-3x+2 factor (x-2)(x-1)=0 set each to zero x-2=0 x=2 x-1=0 x=1 so the answer is x=1 or 2 so S={1,2} so the answer is if x(2)=2x then S={2} if x(2)=x^2 then S={1,2}

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