Check 3 Questions. I want to make sure they are correct. Thanks! :-) The Novel is the Red Badge of Courage. 5. Identify the irony of Henry's "red badge of courage" in The Red Badge of Courage. A. He was wounded by a fellow soldier after he had fled from battle.**** B. His wound was superficial. C. He refused to wear his badge. 7. Which of the following is a definition of theme? A. the physical location of a story B. a recurrent image or action in a story C. a universal idea communicated in a story**** 9. What is a motif? A. a recurrent image, action, or idea that helps to unify a story***** B. a universal idea communicated in a story C. impetus, or what which drives a person to act ****= my answer

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All of them seem to be right, so I believe you're good.

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