Chelsea has an electronics business. during her first year she collected data on different prices that yield different profits. She came up with the following graph showing the relationship between the selling price of a item and the quantity sold. Based off the graph what do the two black circles represents. The choices are " The selling prices that produce no profit, The selling prices that provide the maximum yearly profit, and The selling price that produces $12,000 in profit. Please answer this is graded on accuracy

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I answered this question before. I also saw the graph that accompanied this question. The two black circles represents "The selling prices that produces no profit." If the selling is 10, the profit is 0. If the selling price is 60, the profit is 0. The selling price that provides the maximum profit is represented by the red dot. It is between the selling price of 30 and 40. Its maximum profit is equal to 12,000.

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