Choose a topic for an expository essay. Write the thesis sentence for the subject you chose. Write a paragraph introducing your topic. Remember the proper location for the thesis in the introductory paragraph. Check the paragraph carefully for unity, coherence, and mechanics.

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This is a question? Alright, for you: Do animals. Animals are always easiest. If you want to make it look impressive, do it on some endangered bird or something. Don't ask any questions in your thesis or your hook. That's boring. Convince them to be in the place you most want them to be in. Your essay. Don't start your transitions with "first" or "Furthermore", do something such as "to continue" or "Moreover". Whatever. You probably already know the basics. Just to an essay on the Arctic Peregrine Falcon. Make it long, with all the most random (but cool) information you could find. Add quotes (ugh) and make sure everything's ok looking. Good luck and hopefully you never see this.

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