choose the right word to complete each sentence in the excerpt from Bede's An Ecclesiastical History of the English People

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I'll post the rest of the question and provide my answers: CONSECRATE, PRAY, BLESSING, RECOVER. At another time also, being called to (consecrate, desecrate) Earl Addi's church, when he had performed that duty, he was entreated by the earl to go in to one of his servants, who lay dangerously ill, and having lost the use of all his limbs, seemed to be just at death's door; and indeed the coffin had been provided to bury him in. The earl urged his entreaties with tears, earnestly praying that he would go in and (pray, bless) for him, because his life was of great consequence to him; and he believed that if the bishop would lay his hand upon him and give him his (blessing curse), he would soon mend. The bishop went in, and saw him in a dying condition, and the coffin by his side, whilst all that were present were in tears. He said a prayer, blessed him, and on going out, as is the usual expression of comforters, said, "May you soon . (deteriorate, recover) . 

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