• clear position statement • reason and logic • appeals to emotion • statistical examples Which type of essay uses the elements listed above? A. narrative B. expository C. persuasive D. descriptive

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i think it's Persuasive..because it appeals to our emotions by getting us to agree with them, and it uses reason and logic to do so, and often uses statistics....and there's almost always a clear statement of what they want us to believe at the beginning 


I would say that a persuasive essay would have those elements. After thinking about the other types of essays, a narrative tells an entertaining story (not meant to give information), an expository tries to explain information in an unbiased way, and a descriptive essay is similar to a children's book with specific details and whatnot. A persuasive essay tries to convince the reader to believe what the writer wants him/her to believe whether it appeals to emotions, reason, or facts.

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