Consider the equation 5x+7=22 What two operations are represented in this equation?? How would you "undo" each of those operations Which operation should you "undo" first why?? Please I need help

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The two operations being represented are subtraction and division. ( subtract 7 from 22, then you have 5x=15, and then divide by 5 to get x=3) to "undo" it you would just use the opposite if each operation (so use addition to add 7 back to 15, and then multiply 5 times 3 to get the original equation on 5x+7=22. I assume you would undo it in the reverse order that you did it the first time. Hope that helped!


You should subtract 7 from both sides and then divide by 4 on both sides and that will be you answer for x and then plug in x to make sure you have the correct answer

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