Consider the following reaction: CO2(g) + C(graphite) ⇌ 2 CO(g) A reaction mixture initially contains 0.56 atm CO2 and 0.32 atm CO. Determine the equilibrium pressure of CO if Kp for the reaction at this temperature is 2.25. A) 0.83 atm B) 0.31 atm C) 0.26 atm D) 0.58 atm E) 0.42 atm

(1) Answers

The Kp in this problem is expressed as Kp= [CO]^2/[CO2] and is equal to 2.25. Substituting the initial concentrations we get Kp= [latex] \frac{ [0.32+x]^{2} }{ 0.56-x_{2} } [/latex] where x is the amount that is produced. x s calculated is 0.255 atm. Thus, the final partial pressure of CO is 0.83 atm. Answer is A.

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