Describe 4 real life examples of The results of scientific investigations

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Since the era and reign of science came to be. The products of have been numerous in results. These four are just of the products of science has offered in the past centuries. 1.       Medicine and pharmacology. Either you talk about pasteurization or penicillin. Science have given human kind a chance against these disorders and diseases. 2.       Technology. With science it has also paved humans a new way and new hands of possibilities, countless. 3.       Transportation. To remind you that many mechanical engineers and physicists have developed in the past centuries to what we have now, trains, cars or planes. They maybe just everywhere now but yesterday it was hard to even be at one place and an hour to the next. 4.       Electricity. This is the most important product of science that has delved mankind into the future. Electricity has been but a vital resource for our everyday life and even civilization. Especially now.  

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