Dr Adams is a botanist.she measures the daily height of a particular of sunflower is 60 days 60 days,the height of the sunflower is 205 centimeters.Dr Adams finds that the growth rate of this sunflower is 2 centimeters per day after the first 60 many day does it take for the sunflower to reach 235 centimeter

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lets write a linear equation to represent this flower growth, lets call y the height of the flower in centimeters and x the number of days passed: y = 205 + 2x that means that the flower height y, will grow 2 centimeterrs each x days. So if we have 235 cm height, we can find the amount of days needed if we replace in the equation and solve for x: y = 205 + 2x 235 = 205 + 2x 2x = 235 - 205 2x = 30 x = 15 therefore the flower needs 15 days to reach 235 cm height

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