Drake received 80 points on a project for school. He can make changes and receive one-tenth of the missing points back. He can do this 10 times. Create the formula for the sum of this geometric series, and explain your steps in solving for the maximum grade Drake can receive.

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Since Drake is missing points, fixes his project and receives 1/10 of points in total, he can do this 10 times right? Okay, so 80+(# of points he missed)= # of points he can get in total. Since the school curriculum is based on a 100 point grading system, lets assume that 100 will be the max # of points he can get. So the equation will be 80+# of missing points=100. 100 - 80 and we get 20. 20 ÷ 10 = 2. 10 is the amount of times he can fix the project. So since he fixed his project once, he got 2 points more. So the equation is 80 + (2 · 10) = 100

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