During the 1920s, American farmers as a group did what?

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Last year, when I studied American history I read in the text book about how famers did not "experience the prosperity of the decade." During a dinner conversation, I mentioned this fact to my grandfather; and he told me that his grandfather said that my great grandfather's  farm did well during the 1920's,  but it never made any money during the 1930's. The breadwinner for the farm was Angus Cattle in Southeast Missouri.  Of course, I thought cattle came from Texas, California, and Wyoming; but that is another over simplification. If the farm had not made money in the 1920's, my great grandfather would have lost the farm, like in The Grapes of Wrath, in the 1930's. Maybe farmers prospered less than other people in the 1920's, but maybe they prospered more than farmers in the 1930's. To have a real undestanding of the facts, it might be worth further study.  Hope it helps

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