Explain how pathogens are spread by coughing and sneezing. What can be done to prevent the spread of these diseases?

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Ways of prevention can be -  1. you should you wash your hands thoroughly and frequently 2. cover up when you sneeze or cough 3. Don't shake hands and maintain little distance to prevent spreading of pathogens


The pathogen that enters into a living body will be trying for ways and means to multiply and continue its process of infecting others. The spread of pathogens by coughing and sneezing is a method of indirect transmission of diseases. It may also be termed as droplet transmission. These pathogens escape from the body through the skin, gastro intestinal and genito urinary openings in the body. Coughing and sneezing just release these infective organisms from the body into the surroundings. We can protect ourselves from these infective organisms by washing our hands frequently, maintaining a safe distance from the infected patient, by avoiding to consume contaminated food and water. Hope I helped :) !!

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