f + 0.3 < 1.7 Graph the solution on a number line

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So, F + 0.3 < 1.7 Subtract 0.3 from both sides. F < 1.4 S = {F | F < 1.4} Attached please find a number line with the solution.


so we can do anything to the equation as long as we do it to both sides f+0.3<1.7 subtract 0.3 from both sides f+0.3-0.3<1.7-0.3 f+0<1.4 f<1.4 so f is less than 1.4 not including 1.4 a number line would have a dot that is NOT filled in on 1.4 and then from that dot, it would go in the negative direction forever (normally to the left) number line included

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