Find the midpoint of the segment below

(1) Answers

1. If we are given 2 points A(a, b) and B(c, d),  the midpoint M, of segment AB has coordinates: [latex]M_A_B=( \frac{a+c}{2} , \frac{b+d}{2} )[/latex] 2. We are given the points A(2, 3) and B(10, 3) the midpoint of AB, is given by the above formula: [latex]M_A_B=( \frac{2+10}{2} , \frac{3+3}{3} )=(6, 3)[/latex] 3.  Remark, since the segment is horizontal, that is the y-coordinate of both points is 3, the y coordinate of the midpoint will also be 3. While the x coordinate is still found by [latex]\frac{2+10}{2}[/latex] Answer: (6, 3)

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