Find the surface area of the cylinder give your answer in terms of pi. The radius is 4mm and the height is 5mm

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The surface area of a cylinder is the area of the bases plus the area of the side, or SA = 2*A₁ + A₂ Since the area of a circle is [latex] \pi r^{2} [/latex], SA = 2*([latex] \pi r^{2} [/latex]) + A₂ Since the area of the side is height * the circumference of the circle or A₂ = h * [latex]2 \pi r[/latex], then SA must be; SA = [latex]2* \pi (r ^{2} )+h*2 \pi r[/latex] SA = [latex]2* \pi (4 ^{2} )+5*2 \pi (4)[/latex] SA = [latex]32* \pi+80 \pi [/latex] SA ≈ 351.858377202

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