Gravity on Earth is 9.8 m/s2, and gravity on the Moon is 1.6 m/s2. So, if the mass of an object on Earth is 40 kilograms, its mass on the Moon is kilograms and its weight on the Moon is newtons.

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The weight of an object is the force of gravity exerted on that object and the mass of an object is the amount of matter it has, and it stays the same wherever you are, regardless of gravity.  So, here the mass of object is 40 kg on earth, it means it has mass of 40 kg on moon also, but when we are calculating the weight of an object we used the following formula, F=mg Where F is the weight of an object in Newton and m is the mass of object in kilogram and g is the gravity Now here gravity on the moon is 1.6 m/s2 and m is 40 kg So, F = 40 x 1.6 F = 64 Nmass of the object on moon is 40kg and weight of an object on moon is 64N.

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