Half of sarans wire is equal to 2/5 of daniel's. chris has 3 times as much as sarah. in all, their wire is 6 feet. how long is sarah's wire in feet?

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You need to make a series of equations from what you are given first. I am going to use the first letter of each of the names to represent the length of that persons wire. 1/2s=2/5d 3c=s s+d+c=6 ft Okay. Now you can combine the first two equations knowing what s equals: 1/2(3c)=2/5d d=15c/4 Now you have d=15c/4 and s=3c, so you can replace d and s in the third equation. 3c+15c/4+c=6 Then solve for c and plug it into the equation 3c=s to find the length of sarah's wire.

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