he specific heat of Aluminum is 0.9 J/g K. The specific heat of Copper is 0.39 J/g K. If samples of equal mass of both Aluminum and Copper are heated up to 100°C and then dropped in a cold water bath. Compare the heat lost by the two samples. A) There is not enough information to conclude anything. B) The copper loses a little more than twice the heat of the Aluminum. C) The Aluminum loses a little more than twice the heat of the Copper. D) The heat lost is the same because the temperature change is the same.

(1) Answers

The heat lost or gained by a specific substance is calculated through the equation,                                H = mcpdT where H is heat, m is mass, cp is specific gravity, and dT is the difference in temperature.  Since in the given, the mass is equal, dT is also equal, H will only be dependent on the value of cp. Since the value of cp of copper is higher compared to aluminum, it will loss more heat. The answer is letter B. 

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