Help Me in English 1 1. What is more important looks or personality (Explain Please) 2. Would you take back your partner if they cheated? 3. What is the idea age for your child to start dating and then get married? 4. Have you gotten violent due to being jealous? 5.Would you bring your partner to a family event? 6. What was your first date, and what would you change if you could? 7. Would you risk your life for your partner? 8. Did you think you found the one but it really wasn't 9. Would you give up your career for your partner? 10. Does financial status, religion or race matter?

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Do you need advice in your present or future relationship? lol i dont think this would be any type of english questions especially being that most young couples are not supported and i just find it hard to believe and super awkward if a teacher made an english assignment asking "would you risk your life for your partner?" lol

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