help me on 19 please and asap also please explain how you got that answer

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If Gabrielle earned a weekly salary of $235.00 and earns 8% of the sales over $500, let's work to find what her weekly pay was if she had $6,250.00 in sales. Now, our question tells that she get 8% commission of sales over $500.00. If she made $6,250.00 in sales, then she would earn a "bonus" of 8% of her sales. 8% of $6,250 = $500.00 Her weekly salary is $235.00. Adding her "bonus" of the 8% of sales ($500.00), we would perform this equation: $235.00 + $500.00 = $735.00  Her total pay for that week is: $735.00, is your answer.

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