Help me solve this :( I have a test tomorrow plz

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Mean is 11.5 Median is 10 and Range is 12 and Outlier is 19


Mean: The mean is the same as the average of all the numbers, so we add up all the numbers and divide the answer by how many numbers there are.  This is equal to: (8 + 12 + 19 + 7)/4 = 11.5, so the mean is 11.5. Median:  The median is the middle number of the list.  In order to find this, we need to list the numbers from least to greatest first.  The list is: 7, 8, 12, 19 Since there is no middle number of the list, we average the two middle numbers (8 and 12).  The average of 8 and 12 is (8 + 12)/2 = 10, so the median is 10. Mode: The mode is the most common numbers in the list.  Since there are no repeating numbers in this list, all of the numbers are the mode, or there is no unique mode. Range:  The smallest number in this list is 7, and the greatest is 19.  In order to find the range, we subtract 7 from 19.  This is equal to 12, so the range is 12. Outlier: The only number in this list that is far away from any other of the numbers is 19, so 19 is the outlier. Upper Extreme:  The highest number in this list is 19, so 19 is the upper extreme. Lower Extreme: The lowest number in this list is 7, so 7 is the lower extreme.

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