help please put these words in abc order idea stride design entire tiger skyline stride deny cycle surprise lightning recite climate highlight style

(2) Answers

Climate Cycle Deny Design Entire Highlight Idea Lightning Recite Skyline Stride Style Surprise Tiger


First, list them in order by the first letter only. (This will make it easier to put them in proper order.) Cycle Climate Design Deny Entire Highlight Idea Lightning Recite Stride Skyline Stride Surprise Style Tiger Next, you put the words of the same first letter in alphabetical order by the second letter. If both second letters are the same, use the third letter. cLimate cYcle deNy deSign highlight idea lightning recite sKyline sTRide sTRide sTYle sUrprise tiger Now, all the words are in alphabetical order. Climate Cycle Deny Design Highlight Idea Lightning Recite Skyline Stride Stride Style Surprise Tiger (Stride is in this list twice because it is that way in your original list. I don't know if that's a typo or not, so I left it in.)

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