HELP PLEASE!! URGENT !! SHOW STEPS AS WELL PLEASE! The gross pay on Simon's paycheck is $1220.86. in addition to his FICA tax, he has $178.90 withheld for federal income tax, $62.21 withheld for state income tax, and $19 deducted for health insurance. What is the net pay on Simon's paycheck? (The social security tax is 6.2% of gross pay and the medicare tax is 1.45% of gross pay) A. $960.75 B. $887.25 C. $867.36

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So Simon has 1220.86. We subtract the tax that in total would be, 178.80+62.21+19=260.11 1220.86 -260.11= 960.75 So the answer is A. 960.75

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