How are hot spots used to track plate motion

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Hot spots are fixed locations in the earth's mantle where heat from the earth's interior rises to the surface and produces volcanism. the earth's plates, which are slowly but constantly moving, are pierced by the uprising magma. as they move away form the hotspot, the volcanoes become dormant and are replaces by new volcanoes. The direction of the line formed from the previous volcanoes indicates the direction  :)))


A hot plate is an adjustable heating source which is ideal for heating beakers, erlenmeyer flasks, hot water baths, and other flat-bottomed containers. It is essentially an el…ectric stove top that is used in the laboratory. The temperature is adjustable (usually on a scale of 0 to 10) and there is very often a built in spinning magnetic stirrer (to be used in combination with a magnetic star bar) so that you can efficiently stir a solution while heating it. Some have computer controllers to maintain the temperature at an exact level (for instance when using a water or oil bath). A hot plate or heating mantle should always be used in place of a Bunsen burner or other open-flame source to heat a flammable liquid. See the Related Questions and Web Links to the left for more information.

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