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How are people that report corruption protected?

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People reporting corruption are always worried about being identified and subjected to torture or harassment from the minions of the corrupt person. In some countries, people that report corruption are protected by providing a toll free number wherein they can report corruption anonymously. They don't need to identify themselves, instead they need to identify the corrupt persons, the departments where corruption occurs, and other activities that contributes to the implementation of corruption. People who report corruption may be called whistle-blowers. They may become part of a witness protection program of the government if the corrupt person they are reporting holds vast power and influence that the whistle-blower's live and his or her family is in danger.


People who report corruption can have their identities changed and live an anonymous life for the sole reason so they aren't being thereatened beause people who conduct corruption at higher eschelons of life are often people who have a lot of power and can order assassinations or other types of threats for example. 

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