How did Asia get its name?

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The name of the continent of Asia was derived from a word in Ancient Greek and was used in Herodutus' Histories in 440 B.C. It is speculated that the name was in use long before its first appearance in text, but may have initially referred to only a small area of land on the eastern end of the Aegean Sea in an area referred to as Assuwa by the Hittites.


Asia derives from the Ancient Greek "Aoía", which was used as early as 440 B.C. by Herodotus in his Historian years. However, it is likely that the name was in use long before then, although not referring to a whole continent. It's rather originally just the name for land on the east bank of the Aegean (which means Asian)  Sea, and then later the Anatolia was soon called another word meaning Asia. Hope that helps. :) Follow if you want.

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