How did the American preacher Jonathan Edwards’s preaching style compare with the British preacher George Whitefield’s? Whitefield and Edwards both reduced their audiences to tears with their booming, theatrical sermons. Whitefield and Edwards both attempted to instill fear in their parishioners using images of hell fires. Whitefield had a powerful, passionate style, while Edwards spoke to his parishioners calmly and quietly. Whitefield stressed salvation through good works while Edwards stressed salvation through God’s grace.

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 I think it is the third one.  Because it is not the first two because Jonathan Edwards preached the sermon "sinners in the hands of an angry God" and he practically read it word for word and was calm, however it was very powerful and convicting so the people did cry. And I do believe Whitfield was passionate and powerful because he did create an awakening with his evangelizing. So third one. 


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