How did the ideas and thoughts of George Whitefield and other ministers of the Great Awakening spread through the colonies? c. Immigrant Germans and Scots-Irish carried Whitefield's ideas to the colonies. b. The British persecution of Whitefield made him even more popular with colonists. d. Printers such as Benjamin Franklin published his sermons and many other writings. a. Newspapers published a series of interviews with Whitefield himself.

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Mass sermon meetings were held particularly as part of the spread of George Whitefield's ideas. In one case the number attending a meeting in Boston was reported as 20,000 when it was then only a town with a steady population of 17,000. Of the answers presented in the multiple choice options A is the best description."Newspapers published a series of interviews with Whitefield himself." as he was a great publicist and made clever use of the media available at the time.

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