How do Hitler's experiences in World War 1 shaped him as a person and a leader? What ideological did he develop after the war?

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Hitler had a pretty pitiful life until he got into world war 1; it changed him forever, It not only gave him a purpose but also gave him power(which if you've ever read about hitler, you know he loved). He was a brave soldier, getting the rank corporal. He survived two battle wounds( only two years apart 1916 and 1918) and was awarded several medals. Basically, the war changed him from an artsy nerd with no actual future or talent to the cold and ruthless man he grew to be. The power is what really changed him; he was in control of others, he was the leader, and this made him feel unstoppable. This since of leadership and fighting never left him(world war 1 never left him), he brought it with him as he killed millions of people in the holocaust.

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