how much does it cost for one person to rent a locker?

(2) Answers

i got $36 because i divided 180 by 5


Each person costs $28 to enter the amusement park, and additional money to rent a locker. The first step would be to multiply 28 by 5 (28x5=140). This tells us much 5 people's admission costs to the amusement park. Next we must find out how much a locker costs. The total cost is $180, and $140 is the cost of 5 people. This means we need to subtract 180-140= 40. The total amount for 5 people to rent a locker is $40, but we need to know the cost for each person. Since there are 5 people, we must divide 40 by 5. This will result in 8. Each locker costs 8 dollars to rent. I hope this helps :)

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