how to reduce a fraction

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To reduce a fraction, you simply need to find out if the numerator and the denominator have a common divisor, and if so, then divide that divisor it out. For example, say you have the following fraction: [latex] \frac{42}{86} [/latex] We can tell just by looking at this fraction that both numerator and denominator are divisible by 2, since they are both even numbers. So when we divide the two out, we are left with [latex] \frac{42 / 2}{86 / 2} = \frac{21}{43} [/latex] So the fraction [latex] \frac{42}{86} [/latex] reduces to [latex] \frac{21}{43} [/latex]. Hope that helped! =)


For example the fraction 6/12 U find the lowest common factors of both 6 and 12 they both have 3 if u divide 6 and 12 by 3 u will have 2/4 can u divide more yes you can if u divide both of them by two you will have 1/2 and there you have it HOPE THIS HELPED GIVE ME BRAINLIEST PLEASE I NEED IT

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