I am in 11th Grade and i am having a SAT exam next October; I am so worried and feel lost although i practise alot, any advice from former SAT takers?

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Just Have Confidence Study Intill You Feel Like Your Worried Have Fun With Your Studying U Know, i Havent Taken My SAT's Yet Because im in middle school but i saw my sister nervous and i use to feel nervous in any test lol Just Study Have Fun When Your Studying Like do Fun Activities YOU think u can have fun with it you no? Just Take Your Time Study on the things you think that will be on the test so u can be prepared or go online and find some SAT's practice books 


Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone. I'm also an 11th grader and I'm taking the October's exam as well. Surprisingly it's my first SAT exam that I'll be taking! I'm super worried but I've realized that over procrastinating leads to no where. You have to take action. To fully prepare yourself for this exam, I advise you to 1. Practice a lot especially the practice tests, I recommend you get the collegeboard SAT book. It includes everything you need for the SAT. 2. Take SAT courses online. I've been attending online courses every Wednesday for 3 hours and they cover all the topics for math & english. The best one I've tried so far was Princeton review! Their courses are the jet! So many helpful tips that'll score you an easy exam 3. Believe in yourself. If your score is not what you were expecting. Remember that you still have a second chance. Good luck! Prayers !

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