I am new here and I don't understand any of this :(

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So, questions 1 through 3 are pretty vague and you can basically put whatever you think. But... as a hint you might want to base your answers to 1 through 3 on question 4, which is more specific and gives you some clues. For example, question 2 asks "When do people usually need Kleenexes?" Question 4 basically answers this for you by saying "...blah blah blah are used throughout the duration of a cold." So you could easily say that people usually need Kleenexes when they are sick. You could use this same type of reasoning to answer questions 1 and 3. To answer 4 itself you need to know how to use confidence intervals. Are you familiar with that? Question 5 will be based off of your answer to question 4.

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