I don't know exactly how to explain Newton's First Law and I need to write 5 sentences about it. Can I have some help please? I know what a simple sentence would be, but not 5.

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A object that in still, will stay still. And an object that moves with stay in motion unless it is somehow interrupted by an unbalanced force. For ex. when you spin a coin it will keep going, but soon the gravity will pull it down and the coin will become a un-moving object. I hope I could help!


Whatever object it may be, if it is still, it will remain still until some force pushes it. If it is in motion, it will remain in motion unless stopped by someone or something, or if a force ceases it. This is now modernly known as Newton's first law of motion. Newton's first law of motion is the act of an object being stopped by something, or being pushed by something if still. This is also referred to as the law of inertia. (Hope that helped! Good luck ;p)

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