I don't know how to do this I'm so confusing could someone help me find these answers. My worksheet Says that I can put that there is not enough information but I have to explain what information I would need to solve

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#11.  To get LB you would need DB and you could cut that in half to get LB or you need DL and that would be the same as LB LC is the same as LA so the are both 3  LD is Just like how you would get LB you need DB cut that in half to get DL or LB since it is the same as LD #12   To get LA and LC you need AC and you could cut the number in half to get it or you would need LA to get LC or LC to get LA. LD is the same as BL, they are both 2.7 #13       LC is the same as AL they are both 4.1       LD is the same as BL they are both 3

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