I don't know how to solve this

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The answer that I got was side  WX = 12 inches It says that WY is congruent to XY which means that they are the same. That means that XY is also 3m-4. It also says that the perimeter of the triangle is 76 inches. With this information I set up an equation: 3m-4 + 3m-4 +m = 76 (The number on the right side is the perimeter given to us in the problem and the numbers on the left side are the 3 side lengths). I combined like terms on the left side and ended up with: 7m-8=76  I added 8 to both sides of the equation and got 7m=84. Finally I divided both sides by 7 and got m=12 m is equivalent to side WX.. Hope this helps!

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