i forgot how to tell what an independent variable and a dependent variable is in a problem

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Figure out your variables. What 2 things are you measuring? Volume? Time? Mass? Behaviour? Whatever they are, you will control one and the other one is out of your control. The variable you control is the independent variable, the one you don't (the outcome) is the dependent variable. I find it helps to put it into a sentence - only one will make sense... eg. How drunk I get DEPENDS on how many tequila shots I do. Drunkness is dependent, the number of tequila shots is controllable and therefore independent. The number of tequila shots I do depends on how drunk I get doesn't make sense. The number of guys I get numbers from DEPENDS on how short my skirt is. Phone numbers are dependent on the controllable shortness of the skirt (independent) The shortness of my skirt depends on how many phone numbers I get doesn't make sense. The speed of dissolving DEPENDS on the temperature of the water. Speed (or time) is dependent on the controllable temperature (independent). The temperature of the water depends on the speed of dissolving doesn't make sense.


An independent variable typically represents the value that can be manipulated or changed. A dependant variable is a value that mainly depends upon a particular outcome, or value, and is the observed result of the independent variable being manipulated. hope that helped

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