I have to find the unit rate of change. Can somebody plz explain to me how to do it. I have an idea but I don't remember exactly how.

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the rate of change is the same as the slope...u can use the slope formula : (y2 - y1) / (x2 - x1), with 2 sets of points...or....according to ur graph, they want to know how many miles u can go for 1 hr. y/x.....60/ they can go 60 miles in 1 hr...60/1 is ur unit rate.


To find the unit rate, you should find the slope.  In order to find the slope of this line, use the rise/run between two points technique.  For example the rise/run between points (2,120) and (3,180) is 60/1, or 60.  This means that in one hour the family's car drives 60 miles. Hope the explanation helped!

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