i need facts about robert de lasalle really quick it is 7:45 i need it now please

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Robert La Salle was known as a French explorer who discovered the route in Mississippi River, claiming it for France. He was actually born November 22, 1643 in Normandy, France. He came from a wealthy family. He first had different dreams, but when he became an adult, he noticed he wanted to travel and explore. He went to Canada with his brother Jean. When he came to Canada, he had to start his life all over and granted land to others. After exploring some more, he found Mississippi River, which he claimed for France. On his last mission, attackers sank ships and on the second attack, La Salle was killed. 


Robert de la salle was a French explorer best known for leading an expedition down the Mississippi River, claiming the region for France. He was born on November 22, 1643 in Rouen, France.He was born into a wealthy merchant family.  After claiming the region for France, he named it Louisiana after King Louis XIV. His last expedition to establish fur trading posts failed and cost La Salle his life in 1687.  He died on March 19, 1687 in Huntsville,Texas. Facts: Nationality: French Parents: Jean Cavalier & Catherine Geest  Siblings: Jean Cavalier

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