I need help I'm confused

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21. = E. The Etruscans were the ones who launched a building program that turned Rome into a city. The Etruscans were a powerful civilization that lived in Italy from the 8th to the 3rd century BC. 22. = C. Antony and Cleopatra committed suicide after being defeated by Octavian. Cleopatra couldn't handle being defeated given that she was one of the most powerful rulers of her time, so she killed herself, and her lover Antony did the same. 23. = H. paterfamilias is the head of the Roman family. Pater means father and familias means "of the family." 24. = G. Theodosius the Great made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. This decision was made in 325 at the Council of Nicea. 25. = F. Vandals were the Germanic tribes that sacked Rome, even before Goths and Visigoths. 

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