I need help on this guy's, please i don't understand it

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The question asks you to change the subject of equations. E.g. In the equation "s = vt", the subject is "s" If you change its subject to t, then we have to eliminate "v" without harming the equality. So, by dividing both sides by "v", we get "t = s/v" 9. x = 3y (solve for y) By dividing both sides with 3, x/3 = y, thus y = x/3 10. m + 5n = p (solve for m) To get m, we need to eliminate "+5p" first. So, by subtracting 5n from both sides, We get m = p - 5n 11. 12r - 6s = t (solve for r) We first need to remove -6s, so by adding 6s to both sides, We get 12r = t + 6s Now, by dividing both sides with 12, r = (t + 6s)/12

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