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I need help on this history thing I know what I have to do I have to write a five paragraph essay I understand that but I'm not for Milyer with the subject I know the only thing that I am for sure on is that I would be supporting the American revolution. If someone would be kind enough to help me with this I'm stuck and need to get passes to continue on my work..:. I posted this earlier and a guy just basically told me that I have to write an essay and that's all he said so if someone could be more helpful than that guy please help me

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So, basically u have to tell in 5 paragraphs why you agree or disagree with the americans fighting the british. Your 1st paragraph should say what you are going to talk about, 3 reasons for why you agree/disagree with the american revolution. Your next paragraph will talk about the first reason you gave in the first paragraph. Your 3rd paragraph will talk about you second reason. Your 4th paragraph will talk about your 3rd reason. Your 5th paragrah will sum up what you said in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th paragraphs. Here is an exact outline to follow: Paragraph 1: 1st sentence: repeat the prompt. Say if you do or do not support the american revolution. 2nd sentence: Give one reason why you support/ or dont support the revolution. 3rd sentence: Give another reason why you do/dont support the revolution 4th sentence: Give a 3rd reason why you do/dont support the revolution 5th sentence: transition sentence into next paragraph which will talk about ur 1sr reason.  Have to go. will continue later

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