I need some help with this:)I'll apreciate the answers.

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Part A: The discounted monthly fee is $22.49 (original cost of $29.99 multiplied by 75%, the amount the customer would pay since 25% is discounted.) Since you would also pay $44.99 for setup, your equation is $44.99+$22.49m Part B: Add 1.08 (108%; the customer pays 100% of the cost plus 8% more for tax) to your equation for the sales tax. 1.08(44.99+22.49m) Part C: Plug in 4 for m (m represents months). 1.08(44.99+22.49•4) 1.08(44.99+89.96) 1.08(134.95) $145.75 Hope that helps. Let me know if you need more assistance :)

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