I purchased a Kool Action game system from BullsEye on October 27, 2010, for $109.99. It seemed like a great price until I got it home and began trying to put the thing together. Several parts are missing, and the store refuses to exchange the unit because it was on sale. It was not marked “As is,” so I expected a complete and functioning unit. Evaluate the clarity and effectiveness of the excerpt from a letter of complaint above. What, if anything, should be added to this excerpt to help the reader address the concern? The excerpt is fine as it is; nothing needs to be added. The writer should include the fact that this was a birthday gift. The writer needs to explain what the missing parts look like so they can send them. The model and serial numbers should be added.

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Well, you purchased the system for 109.99, try to get a refund. if not, take them to court and show them the parts that are not there, if you need more help let me know.

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