I want to write a paragraph using these words: ascend austere autonomous banal antithesis benign

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Well, to start off, you need to know the definition of each words. Here's a brief definition. Ascend- to go up/ rise. Austere- severe or strict/ harsh. Autonomous- acting independently. Banal- lacking in originality/ obvious & boring. Antithesis- a person or thing that is a direct opposite of someone or something else/ in contrast or opposition. Benign- gentle; kind. Having given you this information, I will now try and put it into a vague story paragraph. Remeber to re word it in your own voice. I have always wanted to be Autonomous. My parents have always been Austere to me. It didn't help that I often saw myself as a Banal sort of person. I was quite Antithesis compared to my parents, seing as how I am Benign. Someday I hope to Ascend to a place where they can't control me. Hope this helped!

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