If Sandy's cookie recipe calls for 1/3 cup of brown sugar and she increases it to 2/9, how much brown sugar does she use?

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If you divide 9/2 you receive 4.5. Tho when you divide 1/3 you get .33333 (repeated), so now you know that both the fractions do not correlate. Now the 'multiples' of 1/3 are 2/ 6, 3/9, 4/12, 5/15, 6/18, 7/21 and so on. If you do the 'multiples' of 2/9 you get 4/18, 6/27. The common factors are 4/18 and 6/18. So know you know that Sandy is using 2/18 (or 1/9) cups more of sugar.


I think the wording of the question is off, since 2/9 is less than 1/3. I think the question meant to say "she increases it by 2/9" thus making this an addition problem. 1/3+2/9 Dind the lcm of 3 and 9 and transform the fractions appropriately: 3/9+2/9 5/9 So Sandy used 5/9 cups of brown sugar.

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