I'm writing an essay and I need help+ maybe some advice on this. This is my sentence grabber. Can some1 tell me how its sounds and what I can do to fix it? Actually I put another sentence in there but what ever. (This essay is on a book called the Runaway King By Jennifer A. Nielsen) >Have you ever imagined about being captured by pirates or think of yourself as a thief? Well, that's what happens in this well thought out story

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Try something less specific, for example, Have you ever thought of being captured or considering yourself as a thief? Well, in the (fiction/nonfiction) book, Runaway King by Jennifer A. Nielsen...


The first thing is this you want to fix how you wrote your attention grabber. Have you ever imagined being captured by pirates or even becoming a thief? In the Runaway King ....... The first sentence in reports and essays is your thesis statement, your teacher should have told you whether your reflection needed one. If so the thesis is never a question, it should be stated as a fact that will summarize the entire essay. In a research essay it doesn't have to be only one sentence long, but this is a reflection. A big no, no is to say I even if it is a reflection of your thoughts or even just the book. Also when you finish writing read it backwards. By that I mean read the last word first, then the second to last and so on. You find a lot of mistakes that way, I learned this from an old professor who was a published author. Good luck on your report and if you need any help I can try to help you.

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