in a parking lot, some cars have 1 spare tire and others have no spare tires.all together, there are 43 tires and 9 many cars have spare tire?

(2) Answers

43/9 = 4 7/9. Next, those last 7 cars still have an extra tire. There fore, 7 cars have a spare tire.


spare+onaxels (being used)=43 ok, 1 car has 4 tires not including spare we know that there are 9 cars and we know that there are 43 tires therefor we just find out how many wheels are being used currently aka how many are NOT spare 9 cars 4 wheels per car 9 times 4=36 36 are NOT spare spare+NOT spare=43 spare+36=43 subtract 36 from both sides spare=7 7 spare tire some cars may have more than 1 spare tire, but we will assume that the average car has 1 spare tire per car 7 cars

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